Lavandera brand, responsibility


All our suppliers are European. We work with France, Portugal, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Our production spaces are located in Spain less than 900km from our San Sebastián headquarters. We control the working conditions of our employees and oversee every step in the creation of our garments.


At Lavandera we firmly believe in using environmentally responsible materials to reduce our impact on the planet.

Lavandera brand, responsibility: upcycled fabrics


We use upcycled materials. Our fabrics are purchased based on an exhaustive selection of surpluses from other fashion brands and textile manufacturers.

Since our materials are sourced from other companies, the amount of fabric we acquire is limited. This is one of the reasons behind our limited-edition collections.

Lavandera brand, responsibility: recycled fabrics


We work with suppliers that develop textiles made with recycled thread, mainly from wool, cotton and polyester fibres.

Lavandera brand, responsibility: certified fabrics


We use toxic-free fabrics. Many of them are GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified.


Our products are distributed exclusively in Europe. This allows us to build closer relationships with our retailers and reduce the carbon footprint. 
We reuse cardboard boxes and plastic bags for packaging and transporting our products.

Lavandera brand, responsaibility

Carbon footprint

Our headquarters

All the electricity used to power our headquarters comes from renewable energy sources. We work with GoiEner, a local renewable energy generation and supply firm. 
Our workspace features an abundance of natural lighting, which means we only turn on the lights in winter after 6pm.


Getting to work

57% of our employees walk to work, 29% drive (within a radius of approximately 15-20 km), and the remaining 14% use public transport.


Lavandera brand, responsibility: proximity production


At Lavandera we have always believed in keeping production close to home. And we’ll continue to cut and stitch our garments within a 900-km radius. This way we can ensure fair working conditions for our employees.


Lavandera brand, responsibility: upcycled and recycled fabrics


At Lavandera we’re aware of the amount of waste generated by the fashion industry. That’s why we want to use more upcycled and recycled textiles and reduce the consumption of new raw materials.

Lavandera brand, responsibility: proximity distribution


Our goal is to keep both supplier and client distribution within a 2000-km radius. This is the best way for us to reduce C02 emissions. 
Our products are and will continue to be transported by road.