Monica Lavandera, a brand for collectors

About Lavandera

The Lavandera label cannot be fully understood without first getting to know its creator. Mónica is a born intimist, a true and trustworthy friend, a creator and a dreamer. Around 10 years ago she decided she wanted to design clothes for people who were different, people who shunned convention and created their own universe, people who refused to live at the frenetic pace of modern society.

Located firmly within the prêt-à-porter tradition, she sought to educate people, to bridge the gap between the man and woman on the street and a more conceptual kind of fashion. Avoiding gratuitous exaggeration in her volumes, she forged her own individual brand of clean, refined patternmaking that quickly became her hallmark.

Lavandera uses a range of cuts and volumes that evolve over time, giving shape and form to her collections. She pursues the idea of a continuous collection, in which the timelessness of her garments depends on the wearer, rather than on external rhythms and trends.

A far cry from collections that bloom and wilt within the space of six months, Lavandera garments are for collectors.

What do they say about Lavandera?

  • "Lavandera is a collection of lines, forms and colours that perfectly represents the harmonious, balanced and reflective nature of its creator, Mónica. Garments with a liberal dose of sensitivity that last for a long time, eventually becoming minute works of art."
    Helena Iturralde
    Mundo Manila
  • "Lavandera offers a concept of fashion in which we can believe and which revives our enthusiasm for creating garments. And all this in a world that has turned our profession into a juggling act."
    Cristina Alonso
    Creative and founder of Nadadora Studio
  • "Delicate and creative, with a Nordic style in her lines and austerity, Mónica Lavandera is both the soul and the reflection of her label."
    Mikel Feijo
    Founder and Managing Director of Skunkfunk